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The Seven Point Career Checkup

You can tell autumn is nearing when you get emails from auto repair shops promoting the Seven Point Winter Checkup. Even when you live in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world and are on first-name basis with your favorite Lyft drivers. But it’s not a bad idea to pay attention to your other vehicle: your career. And yes, there is an owner’s manual.

Here are your check points. If you can say yes to all of them, you’re at least driving in the right direction.
I am aware of the vision, mission, and/or goal for everything I do at work.When problems arise—of any kind—they are usually resolved in a reasonable and efficient way.My job responsibilities make sense to me, in terms of what my organization really needs.I get respect and recognition from others in a manner that’s meaningful to me.My manager listens to me, values me, and encourages me to grow.My coworkers feel like a real team to me – we share the load, support each other, have fun together, and get the job done.I may…
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Give the Gift of Self-Discovery

The end of summer is here in the northern hemisphere, which for many means going back to school. How can students make this academic year different, and better? They should utilize their strengths while taking advantage of their opportunities for improvement -- in all areas of their lives -- so they can be well-prepared for the future, whatever it may bring.

Easier said than done… right? Well, success at school (and at work) is all about how people work with others, how flexible and adaptable they are, and whether they do enough of what they like to do… and these things are different for everyone. As Dr. Janice Presser said:

      “People like best what they do best, and they do best what they like best.”

That’s why a Self-Coaching Report is the perfect gift for any college student. After they complete the online Teamability experience, their report will detail what they really like best and therefore do best, how they team with others, and how they respond in stressful/ambiguous situat…

Three Questions for Performance Management

Ask any manager about their least favorite tasks, and more than likely they’ll put performance evaluations at or near the top of the list.

Why? Lots of reasons, not the least of which is the assumption that you need to find something deficient in each staff member and come up with a brilliant idea for fixing it, thereby improving performance. All too often, you're going to find something that the person thinks they are doing very well (and they may be right), or something they have no interest in doing better. At worst, you're expected to assign tasks or reassign job responsibilities to develop one person's undesired something, which may well be a task or a job that someone else on your team really enjoys doing!

Here’s an even better approach. Just ask these three questions:
Are you doing enough of what you like?Are you doing too much of what you don’t like?What can we do to change these things and make them better?If someone isn’t doing enough of what they really like, they …

The Future of Work & Teaming from Home

Working from home is becoming more common, thanks to today's swift advancement of technology. Jobs in different industries and functional areas are becoming more and more accessible, as are the people who work in them. Change means challenge, and leaders must face it whether they manage one part-time telecommuter, or a large department of full-timers.

How do I ensure high productivity? How do I keep my remote team members happy and motivated? How do I know if someone will be successful in this remote position?

Well, the answer is… that there isn’t just one. There is no single answer.

Every job in every organization needs a different answer. Each person is different; people get satisfaction and motivation from different types of work, and from different work environments.

Some people naturally thrive when working outside of an office environment, while others are more productive and happier when in a traditional office setting. The former enjoy working in different environments,…

Onboarding: The First Seven Days

A lot has been written about the complexities of executive onboarding, generally giving a calendar of a few months duration to fully get with the program. Executives, one might infer from this, are hothouse flowers requiring judicious amounts of care and feeding lest they wilt before their time. Or worse. I don’t buy it. Really, who needs that much time? You either get it right or you don’t. And who has weeks or months to work on it? When I mentioned it to a dear friend who’s an ex-CEO and high-level consultant, he agreed with me. Then he asked, with that look that says ‘I know the answer already’, “how much time is necessary and sufficient?” So I said, figuring I should cite a well-known source, “if seven days is enough for creation, that should be enough for anyone.” Not good enough for him. He wanted to know the program. So I went back to the source for some inspiration. On the first day, I figured, you have to recognize that you’re in a whole new place. Dark? Light? No matter how much …

Three Rules for Change Management (when you are the subject of change)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving an innovation through a multinational company, or just trying to lose ten pounds. I learned them well, after many missteps. Rules are rules. Here they are: It doesn’t have to all be done at once. There is a writing standard I followed a long time ago (when almost all I did was write books) of doing five new pages a day. What I learned was that doesn’t add up to 35 pages a week or even 25 so you may as well be realistic and double your overly optimistic time schedule. (This particularly applies to losing weight.) There are good reasons for not rushing things.It will go better if you don’t try to control it. A book, like many other projects, needs to develop a personality of its own. It has your voice, but it’s an individual. Actually, this need it will have to ‘breathe’ is responsible for some of that extra time you’ll need (from the first rule.) If the change also involves other people, especially employees, your kids, your spouse or friends, th…

Team On! A Summer at Teamability

Hello! We're Madhavi Patel and Tara Mehta, and we interned at Teamability this summer. We've both learned so much during our time here, and we'd like to share our experiences with you!

Madhavi's experience:

I’ve always worked with people in my personal and professional life, but never seemed to understand what really makes a great team and how people with different work preferences can work together to achieve a common goal. However, it wasn’t until I started interning at The Gabriel Institute that I realized that Teamability is the answer to all of my questions.

A simple online experience described as ‘starring in a movie’ measures the Role you play on a team. The unique thing about Teamability is that it was engineered to measure what is actually happening when people team together to achieve a common goal. I really love the idea of having an online experience which then determines the Role you want to play in a company. My report was really accurate, so I understand…