Monday, March 5, 2012

Five Ways to Increase Your 'Teamability'

Teamability: The ability to be a great team player.

Everyone wants great team players. What can you do to be a better one? Try answering these questions and you’ll generate your own personalized tips:
  1. Think back over all your job experiences – both paid and volunteer work. What kinds of things really made you feel good? Make a list. Can you find some similarities between them? There’s an excellent chance that you will ‘team best’ when doing work that involve the same types of tasks, responsibilities, and/or work environments.  Consider asking for the opportunity to add or ‘swap’ some of the listed items into your current job.
  2. You don’t have to be a manager to help your teammates. Does someone need a hand with something that you can offer? Go for it!
  3. There’s really no better ‘growth gift’ than honest, caring, respectful feedback. Is there someone you trust to give you some?  If so, go ahead and ask. In fact, your first question should be for feedback on your teamability!
  4. You probably have a good sense of how you make your best contributions to group efforts. But you could be mistaken if you assume that others know this about you. Can you think of some of ways to ‘advertise’ your readiness to take on job challenges that really ‘fit’?
  5. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from school, finish training, or reach a goal. There are always opportunities to develop a new talent, skill, ability, or interest. Are you seeking out the ones that will benefit you while bringing benefits to others?
What will your future look like? With greater teamability, you’ll have broader options, plus the flexibility and support to see them through to a successful conclusion!

 This blog originally appeared in January 25, 2012.

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