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Disaster Preparedness, Teamability® Style

It's so nice to have a team to remind you of what's really important!

As the southeastern United States prepare for hurricane season, we are lucky enough to have these important tips from Carolyn DeWitt, a partner in Coherent Counsel, LLC, who advises CEOs on disaster planning, among other services. 
1. The loss of power is what really fouls things up the most. If you have multiple devices, charge them all so you can extend your personal 'connection life' by transitioning from one to the other as they lose power.
2. Set up a communication list on email and text for all the people who will need to know what's going on. That starts with your team but it also includes key contacts, vendors, customers, and if you are planning any events, attendees.
3. You will have a point where you need to make a go/no-go decision, for instance on a meeting or conference. You can send a text to tell people to check their email for your more detailed…