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Leadership for the Rest of Us

I was neither born nor raised to be a leader. Not the architect of a new technology. Not the founder of a startup company. Not a CEO. When I was born (and this was a very long time ago), there were serious defects in my leadership blueprint. I had two X chromosomes at a time when one Y was needed to be a leader. (Actually, 42 Extra Long was the preferred standard, and I didn’t reach my full 5’2” until I was 25.) Although I had no choice in the matter, I also ended up with two loving parents, neither of whom was an entrepreneur or executive, which, at the time, was also considered a defect. It would seem hopeless. But somehow, along the way, I learned a few things that helped me get over my shortcomings. Here are some tactics you can try on your way to becoming a leader: Start, or take a leadership position in, an organization that does something good for people. (I was involved in several volunteer organizations and learned a lot about what being a leader really means.)People often make s…