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How To Disrupt Employee Evaluations

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m not big on resumes or job descriptions. Guess what. I don’t like employee evaluations either. I mean those bingo card things, where if you don’t get 5 on everything (and you never do) you feel bad. Right?
Time to disrupt… You can make yourself a fancy form, or just feel free to add up the numbers in your head. All you really have to do is rate your company on these 20 key employee satisfaction drivers. And by that, I mean your personal satisfaction, as an employee, because that’s all that counts on this Employee Evaluation. And just because I only want to disrupt, not cause a revolution, let’s stick with the same scoring system, 1 – 5, where 1 is absolutely not, and 5 is yes, perfectly. I understand my CEO’s vision.My CEO’s vision is personally relevant to me.I understand the plan to achieve the vision.I know what my part of the action is in the organization’s quest for the vision.I have the tools I need to do my part.People here are generally app…