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The Future of Work & Teaming from Home

Working from home is becoming more common, thanks to today's swift advancement of technology. Jobs in different industries and functional areas are becoming more and more accessible, as are the people who work in them. Change means challenge, and leaders must face it whether they manage one part-time telecommuter, or a large department of full-timers.

How do I ensure high productivity? How do I keep my remote team members happy and motivated? How do I know if someone will be successful in this remote position?

Well, the answer is… that there isn’t just one. There is no single answer.

Every job in every organization needs a different answer. Each person is different; people get satisfaction and motivation from different types of work, and from different work environments.

Some people naturally thrive when working outside of an office environment, while others are more productive and happier when in a traditional office setting. The former enjoy working in different environments,…