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Showing posts from September 11, 2018

Give the Gift of Self-Discovery

The end of summer is here in the northern hemisphere, which for many means going back to school. How can students make this academic year different, and better? They should utilize their strengths while taking advantage of their opportunities for improvement -- in all areas of their lives -- so they can be well-prepared for the future, whatever it may bring.

Easier said than done… right? Well, success at school (and at work) is all about how people work with others, how flexible and adaptable they are, and whether they do enough of what they like to do… and these things are different for everyone. As Dr. Janice Presser said:

      “People like best what they do best, and they do best what they like best.”

That’s why a Self-Coaching Report is the perfect gift for any college student. After they complete the online Teamability experience, their report will detail what they really like best and therefore do best, how they team with others, and how they respond in stressful/ambiguous situat…