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The Seven Point Career Checkup

You can tell autumn is nearing when you get emails from auto repair shops promoting the Seven Point Winter Checkup. Even when you live in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world and are on first-name basis with your favorite Lyft drivers. But it’s not a bad idea to pay attention to your other vehicle: your career. And yes, there is an owner’s manual.

Here are your check points. If you can say yes to all of them, you’re at least driving in the right direction.
I am aware of the vision, mission, and/or goal for everything I do at work.When problems arise—of any kind—they are usually resolved in a reasonable and efficient way.My job responsibilities make sense to me, in terms of what my organization really needs.I get respect and recognition from others in a manner that’s meaningful to me.My manager listens to me, values me, and encourages me to grow.My coworkers feel like a real team to me – we share the load, support each other, have fun together, and get the job done.I may…